Winter-Spring Calendar

Mudskippers (Caregiver & Me Group)

Tues or Thurs, 10:30-11:00 (choose 1 day)

Outdoor explorations for early learners and their caregivers. Space is limited. Members only. Please RSVP by contacting


PAS Star Party

Keep Looking Up! - Come join members from your local Moscow/Pullman astronomy club, the Palouse Astronomical Society, for a socially distanced night of stargazing. Bundle up and meet us under the stars to see what we can see. Feel free to bring your own gear if you have any. Come ask questions, learn, explore, and see what the night sky has to offer! ( 

$5 Suggested Donation. RSVP to recieve updates and announcements:


Sat Jan 16 6:00-9:00pm (12% Illuminated Waxing Crescent)   

Sat Feb 13 6:00-9:00pm *Love Among the Stars special Valentine’s Event* (3% Illuminated Waxing Crescent)   

Sat Mar 13 6:00-9:00pm (New Moon)  

Sat Apr 17 6:00-9:00pm (24% Illuminated Waxing Crescent) 

Sat May 15 6:00-9:00pm (12% Illuminated Waxing Crescent) 


Afternoon Enrichment Classes

At Palouse Discovery Science Center, we bring science to life! This Winter/Spring, we are offering 3 and 5-week afternoon enrichment classes for students in grades K-6 and a new Rockets 101 workshop for teens. Session A will be held virtually, with students picking up their materials from PDSC in advance. All other sessions will be held in-person, as safely able. 

Children and staff are required to wear masks during class and participate in regular handwashing and temperature checks at the start of each day.  

Space is limited. PDSC members receive a 10% discount by phone: 509-338-3227 or by registering in person at 190 SE Crestview St. 

Register with Pullman Parks and Rec: (Registration Opens end of Dec.)

Phone: 509-338-3227

10% discount for PDSC Members


View our Family Handbook for more information on Health, Safety and our Winter 2020 & Spring 2021 Programs.

LEGO Robotics

Students in this class will work to design, build and program their own moving creations from WeDo and Mindstorm kits. Each engineer will be provided with their own workspace, LEGO robotics kit and computer to use during class. B.Y.O.C. (Bring Your Own Creativity). 


3-6 Grades, Session: A (AT HOME) 

Tuesdays & Thursdays, Jan 19-Feb 2


$72 non-member, $65 member 

K-2 Grades, Session: C (IN PERSON)

Tuesdays & Thursdays, Mar 16-Apr 1


$72 non-member, $65 member 

Kitchen Chemistry

What will we cook up next?  In this delicious, sensory-filled class, students will investigate chemical and physical changes as we create edible concoctions that ooze, fizz and change color! Boxed kits containing materials and ingredients can be picked up in advance.  No heat source needed. 

3-6 Grades, Session: A (AT HOME)

Wednesdays: Jan 20-Feb 3, 3:30-5:00pm      

$45 non-member, $40 member 

Grades: K-2, Session: C (IN PERSON)

Wednesdays: Mar 17-31, 3:30-5:00 pm      

$45 non-member, $40 member 

Dr. Jr.

Calling all aspiring nurses, doctors and healthcare heroes! This is the class for you! Using our EveryBody Healthy hospital exhibit as a base for learning, we’ll explore human biology, the microbial world and ways to keep our bodies and communities strong. Students will also learn how to make their own first aid kits and have an opportunity to meet local healthcare workers. 


K-5 Grades

Tuesdays: Feb 9-Mar 9, 3:30-5:00pm   

$63 non-member, $57 member 

Earth Explorers

Uncover the secrets beneath your boots! In this exciting outdoor class, we will take a closer look at some of nature’s most impressive interactions: volcanos, earthquakes, waterways, and hidden soil systems. Through hands-on experiments and projects, students will gain a better appreciation for the natural world and tools for protecting our most valuable resources. 

K-5 Grades

Session D: Spring Break

Tuesday-Friday: Apr 6-9, 9:00am-12:00pm             

$101 non-member, $90 member 

Session: E 

Thursdays: Apr 13-May 11, 3:30-5:00pm  

$63 non-member, $57 member 

Flight School

Come learn all about aerodynamics and the science of flight through integrated play such as paper airplane and helicopter building, stomp rocket launching, kites, parachutes, and all things that fly! We’ll even perform some physical activities to prepare our own bodies for launch, so come fly with us here at PDSC!


K-5 Grades

Thursdays: Feb 11-Mar 11, 3:30-5:00pm  

$63 non-member, $57 member 

Rocketry 101 - For Teens

Come learn the basics of rocketry in this fun, hands-on workshop just for teens. Over two days, we’ll work in teams to build and launch Estes rockets -which you can take home on Friday! Snacks and materials provided.  


7-12 Grades

Thursday & Friday: Apr 8-9, 1:00-4:00pm  

$48 non-member, $43 member 

Girls Who Program

This 5-week, introductory class is aimed at closing the gender gap in technology and changing the image of what a programmer looks like and does. In groups and through independent projects, students will learn the basics of programming and explore real-world applications for computer science education.  


Grades: 2-6 

Thursdays & Fridays:

Apr 15-May 14, 3:30pm-5:00pm

$101 non-member, $90 member 

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