Group visits of up to 60 people can be scheduled
Tues-Sat between 10a-3p and Sun. 11a-3p. Please book at least 2 weeks in advance. 


Here’s what’s included in your visit:  

  • 1.5-2 hours of Science Center fun! 

  • Pre-trip activity to get your group excited and prepared for their visit (optional)

  • Exploration time in the exhibit hall 

  • Private 20-minute, interactive science demonstration (optional, see demo list below) 

  • Free pass for each student to return to PDSC at a future date 

Sorry, no food or drink allowed inside PDSC at this time. Guests are, however, welcome to enjoy a snack or picnic lunch outdoors as weather permits.  

Due to capacity limits, the maximum group size is 60 persons (including chaperones). We request all groups over 15 to further split into 2-3 teams to rotate through spaces and activities.  


  • Up to 12 students and 3 adult chaperones: $95  

  • 13-20 students and up to 4 adult chaperones: $135  

  • 21-30 students and up to 6 adult chaperones: $185  

  • 31-50 students and up to10 adults: $250 

  • We request a ratio of 1:5 (adult to child). General admission rates apply to adults outside ratio ($6.50/adult). 

Sample agenda

10:00 – Bus arrives, students set down their coats/bags

10:10 – Brief intro to the PDSC & expectation setting

10:20 – 10:50, facilitated lesson in the classroom

11:00 – 11:30, exploration of the exhibit hall

11:30 – 11:50, Lunch and continued exploration of the exhibit hall

12:00 – Load up the bus, head back to school

We strive to be responsive to the individual needs of classes, please let us know if you need more time to eat, explore or wrap in other activities. We recommend that groups over 15 students split into two groups and rotate through lesson and exploration time.

Optional Science Demos 

Rocket Reactions – Exciting way to learn about how materials interact, behave, and change. Participants will make baking soda and vinegar “rockets,” launching plastic caps into the air, and experimenting to discover the best mix of fuel for their rocket.   


What’s in the Water – Participants use tools to solve a mystery: what chemicals and compounds are in a sample of water. By investigating with a variety of tools and techniques students understand how chemistry can help us explore, understand, and solve problems.   


Nebula Spin Art – Students will gain an introduction to the night sky and the wonder of nebulas. Depending on grade level, participants will make their own nebula in a jar or nebula spin artwork to take home.  


Moon and Me – This fun demonstration is all about Earth’s closest neighbor: the Moon! Participants will learn about lunar cycles, the latest NASA missions, and how scientists are preparing to live on the Moon’s surface. Take-home activity will depend on participant grade level.  


Owl Pellet Dissection – Using proper tools and REAL pellets, students will investigate the fascinating digestive system of one of nature’s fiercest predators. Typical findings include mice, vole, mole and small bird skeletons. 


Ready to Book? 

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PDSC is a nonprofit organization located in Pullman, WA

 EIN: 82-0523927

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