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Here are a few of our favorite boredom-busting resources for kids of all ages. 

Crafts Supplies

Virtual Museum Experiences

Ultimate Guide to Virtual Museum Resources - Extensive list of resources

Children’s Museum Virtual Activities - Extensive list of resources

Ology: a Science Website for Kids - American Museum of Natural History

Virtual Field Trips - Thanks for the suggestion, Sophie & Ethan! 

Best Museums in Singapore - Virtual tour of top 10 museums in Singapore.


Citizen Science

Giant Hornet -WSU

Nasa at Home – Be a Scientist

Weather -

Galaxy Zoo – Help classify galaxies by shape,


Activities & Experiments

Play Pictionary with a robot - Google

Google’s 3D Animals

Dress up a T.Rex - American Museum of Natural History

Birds and the Sounds they make - Interactive chart

Wonder of the Day – Daily question, discussion and exploration

30 Days of Families Learning Together – Daily activity prompt for the whole family

Mystery Science - Fun lessons to do at home

SciShow Kids - YouTube channel for early learners

FAB Lab with Crazy Aunt Lindsey – STEAM videos for children

Periodic Table of Elements in Pictures and Words - Interactive chart

Science Sparks posts  - Fresh, fun and budget friendly activities daily. This is a great one to follow on social media.

The Action Lab - YouTube science videos posted regularly


Animal Webcams

Aquarium of the Pacific - Webcams on Magellanic penguins and tropical reefs.

Tembe Elephant Park - South Africa: Live Webcam of watering hole. Keep your volume up for a symphonic treat.

Bald Eagles’ Nest

Gray wolves at the International Wolf Center

Eastern lowland gorillas at the GRACE Center

Birds, Wildlife Trust

Katmai Park Bear Cams - Make sure to watch for their annual Fat Bear Contest to vote on your favorite and fattest bears HERE.

Auckland Zoo - Visit with the animals of the Auckland Zoo in New Zealand.

Glow Worm Caves - Have a 360 look at the glow worm caves in New Zealand


Earth & Space Science

The Hidden World of National Parks - 360 Degree Tours -Google

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) - Lots of activities!

Birthday Hubble Photo - NASA

Nasa Videos

Space Calendar 2020 -

Natural Geographic Kids


Health & Fitness

Talking about Health Emergencies - Sesame Street in Communities (Resources for parents of preschoolers)

Talking about coronavirus and social distancing with Rayshell the Crab and Earl the Squirrel - Tiny Trees Preschool (for early learners)

Kicking Boredom - Videos from a local martial arts instructor

Games, Stretches and Interactive Activities - Playworks

Get the Kids Outside - Another great one to follow on social media. 


Language & Literacy

Spanish Children’s Stories

Story Time with Mayor Johnson

Latah County Library Digital Events


Art & Culture

Lunch Doodles with Mo Williams

You can Draw - with Jarrett Lerner

Google Arts & Culture - Museum tours

Arts & Crafts - Thank you for the suggestion, Erin & Trey! :) 

Crochet, Knitting and Fashion Activities - Thank you for the suggestion Michelle! 


Computer Science

Hour of Code -

Code Monster


Swift Playgrounds

App Development, Games & Resources - Thank you Verizon Education Outreach!



Khan Academy

Bedtime Math - Lots of great screen-free ideas

Toy Theatre -  Interactive educational games

Long Live Math at Home - Carnegie Learning Library (middle and high school)

Engineering & Architecture

Ain Dubai: The Words Tallest Ferris Wheel! - Thank you Amelia for the suggestion!

More classes & activities

Best Science sites for middle and high school students -

Virtual booth - NOAA Education

TEDEd - Subscribe for daily lessons by age-group (all subjects)

450 Ivy League Courses you can take for FREE -

Board games to play online with friends

Download free museum coloring book pages -

Science Music by Emmy Brockman - Thank you for the recommendation Amber and Leona!

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