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Outreach Programs

The PDSC is proud to bring you a variety of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) outreach exhibits and programs.

Listed below are our outreach lessons and exhibits we have available.


Light Tricks

Discover how light behaves and how your eye works. do some tricks with light, make some optical illusions and find out how they fool your brain!

Suggested Audience: Ages 6-Adult

Chemical Energy

Explore chemical reactions using everyday chemicals, and determine whether they produce energy or use up energy when they happen.

Suggested Audience: Ages 8-Adult

The sound of Light

Learn about the amazing discoveries that led to Alexander Graham Bell's invention he called a "photophone", a device that allows you to transmit the sound of your voice using light! See how energy can be changed from one form to another.

Suggested Audience: Ages 10-Adult

Hydrogen Power

Discover the power of hydrogen and how it can be harnessed using a hydrogen fuel cell. Assemble a model of the car of the future that runs on only hydrogen and oxygen and produces no pollution!

Suggested Audience: Ages 10-Adult

Solar Power!

Explore how solar cells work and use the energy from the sun to power up a car and more!

Suggested Audience: Ages 8-Adult

Snap Circuits

Create simple circuits and learn many ways you can generate electricity to power up buzzers and lights. 

Suggested Audience: Ages 6-Adult

Wind Power

Harness the wind to either power a car (for younger groups) or create turbine blades that lift the most weights or generate the most electricity!

Suggested Audience: Ages 6-Adult

Galileo's Telescope

Experiment with lenses to gain an understanding of how a telescope works. Then assemble a "Galileoscope" and view distant objects.

Suggested Audience: Ages 10-Adult

Traveling Exhibits

brain builders

16 exhibits with hands-on, problem-solving activities that make you use your brain.

Suggested Audience: Ages 9-Adult

Math builders

16 exhibits with hands-on, problem-solving math activities.

Suggested Audience: Ages 9-Adult

Heat in motion

Explore the difference between conduction, convection, and radiation through multiple hands-on experiments. Students will become heat movement investigators while discovering how to apply what they've learned about how heat moves to their own homes!

Suggested Audience: Ages 8-Adult

Ready to schedule?

Send an email to with the following information: ​​

  • Outreach program you'd like. 

  • How long you would like us to be there.

  • Where the outreach will take place.

  • How many people will be attending. (estimate)

Rates vary depending on the program!

Please email information above for an accurate quote.

Check our calendar below for available dates!

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