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Science Summer Camps

Make 2022 the BEST SUMMER EVER! At Palouse Discovery Science Center (PDSC), we know kids. Our camps are designed to spark curiosity for science, nurture friendships, and keep children active and laughing throughout the day. We believe outdoor play and exploration is a cornerstone of childhood. Campers will spend much of their time outside along our small, attached nature loop and field engaged in experiments and activities. We provide a daily snack and all supplies. Please pack a refillable water bottle and dress to get messy.   

We will have a Summer Camp Open House on Sunday, May 15th 11:00a-12:00 for families wanting to learn more, ask questions and see the space. Please RSVP to  

Registration is through Pullman Parks and Rec. The summer brochure will be posted 4/27 with registration opening May 2nd. 


Light, color, shape, texture -It’s all science!  

This is an exciting camp for kids who love to make art. Natural pigments, sun prints, spirographs, sculpting and plein air painting are some of the highlights. There will be plenty of variety in projects to appeal to all ages and interests. We will celebrate the end of camp with an open-air art walk along our nature loop the Saturday after camp (11a-12p).   


JULY 5-8 

TUES-FRI, 9:00-12:00 

Grades 1-5 

$130/$128 non-member, $118/$116 member 


This camp is perfect for rock hunters, dino lovers and anyone that likes playing in the dirt. In this exciting camp, we’ll learn about prehistoric creatures and landscapes, make our own fossils, and even conduct a lifelike excavation.  Caution: we will get dirty! 

JULY 11-14 

Mon-Thurs, 9:00-12:00         

Grades 1-3 

$130/$128 non-member, $118/$116 member 


This camp is for our youngest learners and will include animal-related activities, including games, crafts, guest speakers, small animal interactions, and more!   

JULY 18-21 

MON-THURS, 9:00-12:00 

AGES 4-6 

$130/$128 non-member, $118/$116 member 


This thrilling camp takes children on a mysterious journey to solve a series of clues using science, grit and wit. Campers will also work with staff to build an escape room that will be on display at PDSC through the summer.  


MON-THURS,  9:00-12:00 

Grades 2-5 

$130/$128 non-member, $118/$116 member 


Get ready to construct bridges, build towers and launch catapults! In this exciting camp, students will investigate, design and test different materials, shapes and structures. We will learn to recognize design elements, draw blueprints, and do lots of hands-on building. At the end of camp, students will have an opportunity to participate in an egg-drop challenge. Final projects can be taken home.   

AUGUST 8-11 

MON-THURS, 9:00-12:0 

Grades 3-6 

$130/$128 non-member, $118/$116 member 


Young astronauts will take part in “space camp” for the week learning about general astronomy including our solar system, comets/meteors/asteroids, stars/constellations, nebulas and galaxies.  Campers will build up to hosting their own planetarium show at the end of the week.   

AUGUST 15-18 

MON-THURS             9:00-12:0 

Grades 1-4 

$130/$128 non-member, $118/$116 member 

Min. 5, Max 12 

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